10 Commandments of Social Media Marketing


Social media is a powerful tool if used correctly, but it can also hurt your brand if it is abused. How do you know where you stand on social media marketing? Here’s our guide to the 10 Commandments of Social Media Marketing:

1. Find Your Target: Whom exactly are you reaching out to? Communicate with prospects and consumers through content based around their likes and interests. Using provided analytics you can learn what type of content your followers enjoy and can better cater to them.
2. Be Social, Don’t Over Advertise: Social networking sites were designed for keeping in contact with friends and family whether that’s by posting photos or sharing content people you are trying to attract will like, etc. No one goes on Facebook and gets too excited about ads populating on their newsfeed. That’s not to say you cannot push your products or services, just be mindful that’s not what most people are following your page for. Content is key.
3. Humans > Computers: There has been a massive shift in social media for brands to ensure their pages feel more “human”. Social networking users no longer want to deal with computer-like responses, but would rather be talking to a person on the other end of the social network.
4. Create Content Goals: Decide what your goals are before sharing content so you can cater the content accordingly – whether that be to capture e-mail addresses, develop prospective clients, become an expert reliable news source, etc.
5. Customer Service: More and more people are turning to social media for customer service help from brands. Take Delta for example – the firm uses Twitter to solve flight issues on a daily basis. Be open to using social media for more than sharing articles or promoting your business.
6. Become Your Own Content Creator: Create your own blog posts, send the information out to your e-mail list, share it on social media and any other way you can think of. This way you are controlling the content that your business is feeding it’s consumers.
7. Empower Your Community: You should be seeking to enrich your followers’ lives. This shows you care about your community and depicts your ethics and values. How can you help your community?
8. Spotlight Others: It is okay to talk about yourself as a brand sparingly, but more importantly do not forget to spotlight others that have accomplished great feats in your industry. This demonstrates that you care about the industry moving forward as a whole rather than just your own business.
9. Respond Quickly: Social media is about instant connection and interaction. Make sure your responses to your followers are happening in a timely manner otherwise your followers will stop bothering to message you.
10. Create Varying Media: eBooks and blog posts are great ways to get information out to consumers, but so are infographics, videos, podcasts, etc. In order to keep your followers engaged, switch it up from time to time and provide them with something fresh.

Social media is growing in importance rapidly in today’s world, and utilizing it properly is the key to finding value and success in it’s use. These 10 commandments should help to put you and your firm on a more successful trajectory in social networking.