content writing for small businessBlogging is a sound part of any small business marketing strategy. Maintaining a regular blog with fresh, relevant content connects you with existing customers and helps attract new ones for businesses of any size. So what’s stopping you?

Read on for three myths that stand in the way of your blogging effort – and stop holding back your content marketing.

1. No one else can write my company’s blog but me.  I’ll get around to it when I have time.

You know your business and your customers better than anyone – you’re the expert!  But is blogging every month, even every week, the best use of your time? Back in January we wrote about the benefits of outsourcing expertise for small businesses. Writing is a skill. It’s okay to admit you don’t like it, or that it’s simply not your strong suit.  An experienced content writer can give you a fresh perspective on what’s going on outside your industry and what’s effective in marketing right now. They focus on writing content every day. With your input and their expertise, you will be able to create a blog that is much more valuable than you could produce yourself.

Are you worried another writer won’t capture your unique voice or expertise? Here’s where our second myth about blogging comes in…

2. It’s just the blog, I can get anyone to write it. Who cares, anyway?

The opposite extreme is believing that your blog can be passed on to the least expensive writer you can find: the lowest bidder on a freelancing site or perhaps your young relative who writes awesome Minecraft fan fiction.

However, blogging is part of your marketing strategy and needs to be taken seriously. As Michele Linn notes at the Content Marketing Institute, blogging isn’t just filler: “When done well, content marketing should support your core mission and audience(s). When it does this, it’s supporting your greater purpose as an organization — and your business goals.”

Handing your blog off blindly won’t get you the results you need. Once you’ve decided to hire a professional to write your blog, a good content writer can work with you to learn about your industry and create your company’s voice. Your blog should build your relationship with existing customers, attract new customers, position you as the expert in your field … and most importantly, connect with your community.

3. Why on Earth would anyone read my company’s blog?  We’re just a small, local business.

All companies can benefit from blogging, whether small or large. Small companies have a built-in advantage that comes with geography. If you’re targeting local customers, you are in a unique position to know their needs and concerns.

You’re also building a community of your existing customers by making them feel connected with your company. That makes it easier to retain existing customers and have them refer their neighbors as well.  As an added benefit, blog posts done well can even help improve your search engine rankings. Some great topic ideas for local businesses include community events, customer success stories, profiles on area nonprofits, and how regional news or weather might affect your customer community.

Hopefully by debunking these myths we have helped make it easier to make a decision about your small business blog. Remember, a great blog is an important component of your business’s marketing strategy in any industry. Don’t be afraid to seek professional help to write your blog, and don’t be afraid to give it the attention it deserves.  Here at Blue Tree Digital, we pride ourselves in our content marketing expertise. Contact us to talk about your blog and what it could actually become.

Have more questions about blogging for small business?

Nicole Skuba, partner at Blue Tree Digital, will be speaking about blogging for business at an upcoming event on June 24th in Dulles, Va. The Conversation, presented by Lifemark Securities & Talmar It Up, is a luncheon that will feature a panel with open discussion about blogging for business. For more information about the event please visit our speakers page.