3 Online Marketing Lessons from Neanderthals

Neanderthals teach us marketing-Wikipedia image by UNiesert

Ah, the Neanderthals of yore. They never fail to fascinate. We’re supposed to be smarter than them, yet what we’ve found out about them can teach us much about marketing. Yep, marketing. Here are three lessons from the Neanderthals which we can apply to marketing a business.

Resources Count
The Neanderthals hunted mammoths with a certain number of men, but using the same number to catch rabbits leads to failure. The lesson is that resources which yield results in one situation may not be effective for another. Using blog posts which gets you a lot of customers on-site, for example, may not work for customers who make purchases through shops.

If you were to get 20% of site visitors for the first quarter of the year to generate 10% more revenue for your site through purchases, you need to use the right numbers so that you don’t end up using a mammoth task for a tiny rabbit hole.

Plan in the Middle
For any given situation, Neanderthals relied more on instinct rather than analysis. It’s either fight or flee in response to an unforeseen event such as an attack of a pack of wolves..

We still encounter the same challenges faced by Neanderthals. If your brand is suddenly attacked on social media for some reason, would you run away in fear, retaliate, or plan your way out to fix the situation? The last option is the obvious answer. Unlike wolves stalking in the forest, customers are not your enemy even when they do sometimes behave like wild animals. So get to know your customers. Over 60% of American companies are seriously looking at consumer’s opinion about the company through social networking sites, according to an article on NewMedia TrendWatch. Is your company one of them?

Creativity and Innovation
Another marked characteristic of the Neanderthals is their lack of creativity and innovation, which could have contributed to their demise. Sometimes, we act like we don’t have the creative mojo to make appropriate changes to improve marketing approaches to business.

What if you had an ad online which doesn’t get any clicks? Would you just change it without knowing how it can be effective? Not likely. Since all your competitors are likely doing research already, you must be innovative to get the attention of your audience. Otherwise, you’re doomed like the Neanderthals.

These three social media lessons from Neanderthals highlight the importance of logistics, planning, and innovation in making your businesses work. It’s a competitive world out there, but unlike the Neanderthals, you have what it takes to survive.