3 Ways to Make Your Brand More Welcome on Facebook

As a vendor worth your profit margin, you know that to get ahead in the marketplace, you have to make your brand welcome to current and potential customers on Facebook and wherever else you choose to make its presence felt whether it be through email or social media services. If you’re not welcome, your audience will just shut the door in your face like you’re a pesky salesperson. Now while we all know that we need to put our brand’s best foot forward, we should know when not to stick it out. Here are three tips to make sure your brand is welcome.

1. Use All Available Tools
If you’re going to make your brand welcome on Facebook and other social media services, take advantage of all the available features. These include sharing new content daily in the news feed, regularly updating your status, copying and pasting links to interesting sites (including to your own blog and website), and creating the occasional event, to name a few. Use the tools that take your brand closer to its target market.

2. Showcase a Worthy Brand
If your business depends on “follows” or “likes,” don’t assume people will click “Follow” or “Like” just because the buttons are there. You have to act like you’re actually worthy to be followed or liked. The customer is always right and your customers will definitely exercise their right to allow or deny you access to their circle of influence. If they feel that your brand is serving them (not the other way around), they will let you in.

3. Temper Your Eagerness to Please
One major mistake you can make is to appear too eager to tell people about your brand and what it’s doing. That’s always a good idea, but to flood people’s email and feeds just because? No. You’ll just become a nuisance. The last thing you want is for people to mark you as a spammer. They do have the power to report, unfriend, or block you.

These are just three tips you can use in making your brand welcome on sites like Facebook. Remember that while you can always put your best foot forward and show your best business suit, you need to make sure that you are wearing the right outfit and that its pockets are full of the tools you need. If your brand looks and does well, people will welcome it naturally.