3 Ways to Make Your Customers Feel the Love

love your customersYour customers know that you value them for the business they bring in. But how do you show you care about them beyond dollars and cents this Valentine’s? Here are 3 ways to make every customer or lead feel the love so they’ll go with your product or service and spurn your competition.

1. A “Thank You” Tweet Is Just as Sweet. Who really needs a newer slimmer cellphone? Apple reports that 9 million buyers were convinced they did within three days of the iPhone5s and iPhone5c launch. Courtship, or in your case lead nurturing, starts with knowing your target customers well and making them want your product or service so badly they’ll think it’s what they need. Then take to social media to tell them you appreciate them. Apple CEO Tim Cook made sure to tweet thanks right away “to all our amazing customers for the fantastic weekend!” Then he thanked them again, still on Twitter.

2. Keep it High Quality with Those Freebies. Whether regular clients or leads, your customers are worth the great freebies you throw in with certain special offers or promos. You might have created a Valentine lead nurture email campaign giving out, to the first 14 people to book a deluxe room in your resort, a dozen roses delivered free to the recipient of their choice. You might have put out a Facebook ad offering a free T-shirt for the first 14 early bird orders of your spring jacket. But whatever your freebie, whether simple or extravagant, delivered or in-store, never cheap out. These are tokens of your appreciation and should express in material and workmanship how much you value your customers, even if just a keychain printed with your logo.

3. Customer Appreciation Takes Thoughtful Planning. Your marketing campaigns and promotional items should never give the impression of being ad hoc or impulse. Express how you value your customers from the get go by mapping out your marketing at the start of the year as part of your business plan and budget.

If you don’t quite know how to go about it, BlueTreeDigital can help you plan your online marketing campaigns, including social media, so that your customers feel your love all year round. In the meantime, don’t forget to greet your valued customers a Happy Valentine’s Day. That you can do all by yourself.