responsive website designDoes your company use responsive web design? In other words, does your website’s template adapt to the changing screen sizes and interfaces of the desktop computers and mobile devices used to display it? If you only use one static template for your website, then it’s not responsive. Here are 4 marketing advantages of using responsive web design in your business website.

1. Growing Mobile Device Adoption – Making your company website responsive isn’t something you can afford to ignore. Research by Statista in 2013, says 17% of global web usage was made through mobile phones; for US web usage, it’s at 15%. A Qualcomm survey in the same year revealed that 46% of respondents used their mobile phone to browse the Internet at least twice a week. Morgan Stanley reports that mobile Internet usage can match (or upstage) desktop usage in 2014. Website analytics can show you the real-time stats for your website yourself.

2. Smooth User Interface – Every new device which allows access to the Internet will always display websites and their pages in a different way depending on the dimensions, the browser version, and interface used. For your website to be viewed with minimal or no user interface display issues, then it must to conform to the specifications of current devices.

3. SEO-preferred – Google pointed out in the past that website speed would be a factor in how it delivered search results and that it’s important for both mobile and desktop devices. Responsive web design can help your website rank well in the search engine results. Search engines would not waste time on sites that have loading issues.

4. Future-proofing – A Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) research has determined that information technologies have the fastest rate of advancement. By regularly optimizing the responsiveness of your website once or twice a year to meet changing desktop and mobile standards, then you can future-proof it and maintain and grow your business by keeping the audience who use these devices to access your website happy.