4 Reasons to Build Your Brand Using Social Media

Brand-building with Social Media55% of small businesses use major social media platforms to build their brand. If you belong in the minority 45%, you might be missing out and it may be time for you to use social media to build your brand. However, you should know that social media can make or break your brand. To be more successful in your 2014 brand building strategy, you need to be careful. Here are 4 reasons for you to have confidence in building your brand using social media.

1. Facebook Is “The” Social Network. Facebook is used by 57% of all adults according to a Pew research study. Facebook just turned 10 this February and it still dominates online social media. More adults are now using Facebook and visiting the site on a daily basis. Mashable gives it a whopping 1.23 billion monthly active members. With that many users, it would be a mistake to ignore Facebook in building your brand with the kind of image you desire.

2. Social Media Engages Your Brand’s Audience. Where brand building with social media is concerned, it’s always Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Google+ which come up tops. They are the “Fab 4” of social media. Ideally, if your company has an account on one, it should also be in the others. Know that all social media platforms appeal to a specific demographic which your brand may be targeting. Pinterest (the social image-sharing site),for example, appeals more to females than males.

3. Social Networks Foster Good Brand Reputation. Social media platforms are like virtual venues where your brand can build a good reputation. They can help to publicize content like e-newsletters, infographics, and white papers to promote a good reputation for your brand. Social media sites are especially useful for inbound marketing which makes good use of sharable information to engage and nurture brand community. HubSpot says social media inbound marketing generates 54% more leads than outbound marketing. The more leads you have, the more support you can have for your brand.

Social Networks Give You Loyal Followers. What allows a small, local business to host thousands of visitors? A social network, of course! Social networks level the playing field for small businesses, allowing them to potentially get the number of visitors online that the bigger names in the business usually get in their stores. The wine-making Leonardini family of Napa Valley,for instance, had hit the jackpot on using social media to improve brand loyalty. Their simple social media strategy? Link with complementary brands, reward loyal followers, and tell a story instead of sell.

Social media is clearly important in building your brand. The effectiveness of social media to get your brand found and followed by your target market increases when you, the business owner, can play a more active part in them.