4 Ways to Place Your Company to within Customers’ Reach

Paying CustomersHow do you make your company reachable by your customers? What are the most important tools to make this happen? Traditionally, this involved a lot of advertising on print, television, and radio. But marketing has evolved with the Internet, and there’s so much more you can do now to bring your company closer to its customers. Here are four ways.

1. Establish a Website
It takes effort to set up your company and maximize exposure to customers. These days, a brick and mortar office may not be enough if you want to reach beyond the local community. A website is a store front that allows your customers to make purchases without leaving their seat, which can be anywhere in the world.

2. Start a Social Media Presence
A good website helps you stand out in the crowd. But if your customers don’t sense a real person behind the website, it isn’t enough. Communication and trust are important online. If you have a store but no countertop to engage customers, then you shouldn’t be selling at all. Setting up accounts on social media sites like Instagram and Pinterest support customers’ need to connect to your company.

3. Update Directly
You know how product retailers and service providers used to send out catalogues to customers? Reaching out and updating customers directly used to be known as direct mail marketing. The new direct contact tool is email marketing. If there are customers who appreciate catalogues sent to them, your subscribers will also appreciate updates from your company and offerings via email.

4. Let Your Customers In
Customers love to have a say on the products and services they patronize. Like it or not, they will say something about their purchase, whether it is through a blog, forum or email exchange. Your reputation can depend a lot on how customers perceive your company and what their opinions are about your products or services. To be transparent about what you do, let your customers in. Listen to what they say and ask them what they want. Having a say in the development of a product will make customers more loyal to it. They will have a sense of ownership.

We all have our special ways to reach out to our customers. What’s your favorite?