4 Ways to Convert Website Visitors into Customers

A business website is just like a newspaper ad or a magazine ad. They are seen by many people around the world. But how can you convert your website visitors into customers? Here are four basics that can surely help you.

Catch the Eye
1. It must attract attention. Who is your primary target market? Is your website design attractive enough for them? If not, then you’ve got to improve your website design so that it can really stand out from the rest of the business websites. If you have a great web design, it’s like saying “let’s get down to business” or “I know what you want and I can provide them for you”. If a picture paints a thousand words, then a great website design can also say a lot, even without getting cluttered.

Use Intrigue
2. It must get their interest. How? If your website has articles or blogs, then the best way to really attract customers is to have a great headline. Think of a good headline that can make the viewers really read all of your article content or blog post. If you have a creative mind then I guess you can think of something really interesting like a catchy question. It doesn’t have to be long but make sure it can really give them sparkles in their eyes, and yours as well.

Make Them Want
3. It must have great copy or text supporting your headline that makes them want something. Online viewers really hate long articles or blogs. If your article is lengthy, then most probably your viewers will just leave and check another article which is shorter. Aside from this, you must have good content. Tell them what your business is or what your products are and how you can help them. You don’t have to compare your products with other existing ones online but you can, however, let viewers know the uniqueness of your products. Focus on standout benefits for both products and services being offered.

Push to Purchase
4. It must support your visitors in making the decision to purchase. When the viewers have seen the great website design, read the very interesting headline and body content, then the last step is to get them as purchasers is for you to make them pay. Let’s say you have a sales promotion on a special music product. You can place a sign that says, “Avail of a 50% discount when you buy the album on March 8!” then put beside it a clickable button saying buy now or add to cart. Some business websites even tell their customers that if they buy their already discounted products, they will also get another item absolutely free. Like most people, I find that irresistible. It also helps if you can show high resolution pictures of your products so that they can see what they are buying.

If you want the site visitors to contact you, include a “Leave a Comment” link. It’s really nice if you can interact with customers and make them really comfortable with you. If you are nice to your customers and you have a good relationship with them, then they’ll likely stick with you for a long time.

So do you see anything familiar here? Some of you may have already caught the traditional marketing acronym AIDA (see the headers in bold) for Attention, Interest, Desire, and Action. Do you recall this from school? It’s old and basic and is forgotten or even ignored by most people, but it works every time. You only need to apply the process creatively to your selling site.