5 Big Social Media Lessons from Our Parents

Back when we were kids, our parents taught us lessons in life which we can actually apply as marketers to our social media efforts. Let’s take a look at five of the most memorable.

1. Too Much of Anything Is Bad
As kids, we were warned that anything in excess is bad. We can’t have too much of this and that. It’s the same in social media marketing. You think that more is better for your brand, but too much plugging may turn off your readers. There are ideal times to post on social sites like Facebook, so a few posts in a day or week that are well within the expectations of your subscribers give the best results.

2. Figure It Out By Yourself
Remember those puzzle blocks you used to play with? Our parents loved to see us solve them on our own. In social media, you also figure things out. Know the pieces of your strategy. By identifying specific goals, like improving sales by 10% by targeting women 25 to 30 years old in two months, you can reach your much bigger goal.

3. Amuse Yourself
Parents always try to keep their children amused. Like kids, your social media followers are on the lookout for something new. You can amuse them by having fresh content on your site; making them interested and clamoring for more. Ask what your customers would want to see on your social media page.

4. Make Friends
Parents often tell their kids to make friends. Social media is such a place. It’s like a playground where you can get to know your customers, connect, and learn things about them. Did you know that one bad post can actually cost you 30 customers? That’s what Convergys, the customer service company, has found out in a study. If there’s a negative post about your brand, manage it before it turns viral.

5. You Fall So You Can Get Up Again
In taking steps like a baby, we can make mistakes and fall. With just the push of a button or tap of a finger, we can make mistakes as easily in social media. But, you can turn an error into an opportunity to learn something new. Take a lesson from celebrities who’ve made bad tweets. They’ve taken getting up from falling down to an art form. You can do the same in your online business.