5 Tips for Building Your Brand

Brand BuildingBranding aims to get more consumers prefer your business and make them purchase more goods in the future. A charismatic brand is something deemed as irreplaceable by consumers. Companies, including yours, can be charismatic like Google, Apple, Amazon, or Samsung. What follows are 5 tips on building your brand:

Find Your Distinctive Qualities
If you were to insert yourself in a group of people all wearing black, you won’t get noticed. But if you arrive in a red shirt, you stand out. Your business must be different from your competitors to get noticed and earn bucks. If your customer cannot identify your brand from your competitors, then you failed to communicate this aspect.

Focus on Your Expertise
Your business must be focused on a certain product or service. Define what’s good about business and why consumers should bother about it. It may be tempting to offer sub-products or a variety of services as time progresses, but they should strengthen your brand’s value or it may result in poor product lineups. Forbes wrote an interesting piece about Nokia and its Lumia line which hardly made a dent in the market.

Foster Innovation
Innovation is all about adapting to the ever changing needs of the public and responding to the challenges posted by competitors who are lurking to steal your thunder. This is where creativity meets strategy. Consumers are always on the lookout for the next big thing. Think about Nokia, which was once the leader in the cellphone market but is now facing tough challenges from Samsung and Apple. You can’t offer the same thing over and over again.

Exceed Customer Expectations
You earn consumer’s trust by surpassing their expectation of your business. One trick is to underpromise and overdeliver. It’s all about going beyond your call of duty or going the extra mile for them. To develop this trust, you must offer a reliable product or service. Consumers will remember how you made them feel when you did business with them.

Choose Your Collaborators
Building a charismatic brand entails the collaborative effort of specialists from different disciplines (e.g., public relations, web design, publications, packaging, promotions, suppliers, advertisers, etc.). Think of the good movie or TV series you’ve seen and check out the end credits. See how many people are involved in the process?

Once you have your brand established, you build it and educate your customers to make your business ever present in their consciousness.