5 Ways to Get Potential Customers to Buy

Over the years, the Internet has become a marketing battleground where different companies vie for the attention of consumers. According to an Online Shopping Customer Experience Study, about 50% of consumers in the US prefer to shop online and 80% have made a purchase online in the past month. To thrive and succeed in your online business, consider the following factors involving online purchases:

1. Dig the Digits
Digest the numbers that tell you more about your online customers. In a study by the e-tailing group, females and shopping remain a perfect mix as almost 60% of buyers are females while males barely exceeded 40%. To cash into this group, make sure you have items that cater to this demographic. If you wish to target both men and women, books, magazines, music, tickets, clothing, and accessories are some of the top items purchased online. Pew Internet provides tons of demographic data and research that can prove valuable to marketers. So see what you can find online and dig the digits. It may be what will change the tides in your favor.

2. Be Competitive
After a close look at the demographics, check on the prices of your goods. Make sure you offer buyers with a competitive rate especially if you are a new player in the game and up against the bigger players.

With all the options available, buyers want value for their money. With just a single click, they can easily compare the price of your products with that of competing brands. If you are confident about how your brand stands up to others, then you can give it a competitive price. Now, competitive doesn’t mean it has to be cheaper. If your product is really good, there will always be people who can afford to buy it for a higher price. You just have to target those people and make sure you deliver on what you promise.

It also helps if your online store offers promotional discounts and free shipping among others. We must admit that everybody loves that red tag that screams discounts and freebies.

3. Be in Top Shape
If there is one thing that distinguishes online shopping, it’s that consumers will have to wait for the product to be delivered, if it’s a physical item. Customers strongly consider easy payment and timely delivery of goods and he flexibility to choose delivery dates and locations. Online shoppers have no qualms about charges if they can have the products delivered quickly and in order. You can also make sure that your customers are protected in the purchasing process. You can add to their confidence by being transparent about the means of protection.

4. Do Mobile
A growing number of online shoppers have been making their purchase through smart phones and tablets. It’s predicted that come 2015, shoppers will be making purchases amounting to $119 billion through their mobile devices.

It is important for your company website to have its mobile friendly version, even an app. One big step here is to install a mobile plug-in to make it easier for readers to browse through the screen. If possible, you may even customize your site and include an address bar for product search only. Do away with animations and plug-ins that up the loading time.

Displaying your products online can actually help you to reach more buyers as compared to the traditional brick-and-mortar store. With online purchases expected to grow in the coming years, it pays to ponder on the ways you can turn your online business into a revenue-generating machine. Consult with a web development firm that can develop a seamless online shopping experience.