A/B Testing – What Is It?

What Is A/B Testing?

What Is A/B Testing?

A/B testing has been a tool used by marketers for decades, though the concept is gaining traction and becoming trendy rapidly in the business world. For companies looking to do some soul searching on their respective websites, A/B testing may offer a deeper dive than just evaluating traffic or analytics.

So what exactly is A/B testing? For websites, A/B testing utilizes the same landing page for two nearly identical sites. One is the control [A] the other is the variable [B]. Both sites split traffic and are funneled the same quantity of visitors. However, each individual sees only one of the two webpages, and you can determine which site resonates better based on site analytics, clicks, interaction, etc.

A/B testing is a powerful tool in examining a website’s success or lack there of. One of the objectives of A/B testing is to determine if there is any “anxiety”, or unwillingness to click thru and convert, in the customer as they browse the website. In some cases, you will have clicks that are abundant, but have a poor conversation rate. For businesses, conversions are king. After reviewing website analytics and even examining its PPC campaigns, the whole story may not be as evident. Running an A/B test can help understand what people like or don’t like about your site. Perhaps adding an offer on the landing page or a coupon may entice the user to convert. Consumer anxiety is a huge barrier that must be diagnosed before business begins to suffer.

Call-to-action is huge. You are telling the user what you want them to do. “Call now”, “Learn more” or “Come by today” are all forms of call-to-action. If you want more calls, inquiries, etc., having the right call-to-action is vital to a website’s success. Use A/B testing to run different variations of call-to-action to see what hit home better with the users. Does a certain call or action provide better conversions? Test it to find out more about your consumer.

Bounce rates are essential in determining whether a website is successful or not. Bounce rate is the percentage of users who abort the page without interacting with other parts of the site. Why this is important is because you want the user to utilize the content to learn more about your firm or reach out to you so that you can make a sale. Sometimes websites are designed poorly or unpleasantly and sometimes the content is just terrible. You can use A/B testing to sample a diverse variation of the site with a change of color scheme, dissimilar content layout or differently placed information. You can save time, money and effort by using A/B testing to determine if your site can use a quick fix rather than an entire redesign.

A/B testing can be done inexpensively in most scenarios to determine best customer engagement. It does take time and patience, as results will not always ramp immediately. However, A/B testing is a systematic option when diagnosing or looking to improve your website.