Here are a few answers to commonly asked questions. Please feel free to contact us for more information.

What makes you different from other marketing agencies?
BlueTreeDigital is driven by three main ideas:

  • Our philosophy: To help our clients and our staff reach their dreams through marketing and custom work environments.
  • Our goal: To help small business achieve their goals through expert lead generation and brand awareness.
  • Vision: To excel at marketing so our clients can get a good night’s sleep.

We understand what’s it’s like to be a small business. We’re one too. And yet we know how to put our expertise and creativity to work for larger private and government clients. At BlueTreeDigital we often say we like to help. Well, it’s true. We want to help you succeed through marketing and save your precious time so you can get back to what matters most.

Why do you run a primarily virtual office?
It all goes back to BlueTreeDigital’s philosophy of providing a great work-life balance, both for our customers and our expert marketing staff. We want to help you grow your dreams at the same time we grow ours. In this age, a virtual office is the best way to do that, and to attract top talent too.

Also, it’s a question of priorities. It’s fun to go to an office with a big glass conference table, framed artwork, and a fancy coffee machine in the lounge. But how does that really help your marketing? Oddly enough, we think your marketing money is best spent on…marketing.

In short, we’re a new kind of marketing company for a new era…and part of that is being a virtual office.

What's your pricing?
Because we customize every project to the client, our pricing varies greatly. However, we can provide a few benchmarks to aid in your planning:

Websites start at $7,500 and include responsive design, search engine optimization (SEO) set-up, and content management systems (i.e. WordPress).

We provide services like social media management, blogging, analytics and ongoing SEO on a retainer basis. These plans are completely customized to your needs. Please give us a call to discuss.

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