Virginia International University Dean Thanks BlueTreeDigital for the Weekend’s Mock Interviews

Dean Johnson Kinyua, PhD, of the Virginia International University (VIU) School of Computer Information Systems (SCIS) expressed his appreciation to BlueTreeDigital in a letter for Sue Schuster’s April 27 and March 30 visits to its Senior Capstone class.

The VIU SCIS dean expressed his appreciation for Sue’s career pep talk to the graduating class with interview tips and the series of mock interviews she conducted with the students who will soon have to forge ahead with job applications and screenings. Sue Schuster is partners with Nicole Skuba at recently merged digital marketing agency, BlueTreeDigital.

Thanking the interviewer for his or her time and consideration and restating interest in the applied for position was among the tips Schuster gave the students who will soon be vying for those exciting first jobs.

Sue Schuster is a Fortune 500 marketing strategist and gifted graphic designer who ran her own agency for 15 years before co-founding BlueTreeDigital with Nicole Skuba. Sue Schuster has crafted cutting edge websites and run effective campaigns for corporate entities and their major events or projects, such as Encompasse Tours for the 26th Annual FACES Conference, The Tampa Bay Rays for Hazleton One, LIVV Interiors, and numerous law firms.

She is currently Sponsorship Director for DC Web Women, an organization committed to the support and advocacy of women and girls in technology through the development, nurturing, and promoting of leadership, technical and professional skills. Sue also sits on the Board of Directors of Loudoun Youth, Inc. and is committed to continuing her advocacies as a partner at Blue Tree Digital.

Virginia International University is in Fairfax, Virginia, and focuses on innovative and individual learning at university level. It offers degrees in Business, Computer Information Systems, and English with a fully developed online portal that makes it unique in its category.

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