Augmented Reality and Your Marketing Strategy

Have you wondered about utilizing new social media app features for your business on social media? Your brand could benefit from the recent announcements at the F8 conference held for Facebook developers. The current competition between Snapchat and Facebook is driving the advancement of augmented reality features. Augmented reality (AR) defined as superimposed computer-generated image on a user’s view of the real world, is the more widely accessible branch of  virtual reality (VR). Businesses want to start incorporating this technology as soon as possible to stay relevant especially with younger audiences. As video continues to dominate social media content, AR features will become more interactive and more important to businesses. Here’s how two of the big social platforms, Facebook and Snapchat, are altering our reality:


Facebook Messenger

Announcements by Mark Zuckerberg at the F8 conference for Facebook developers included the unveiling of new camera effects and tools for designers and developers. This augmented reality (AR) is for use with video masks and photo frames. Users of both Facebook’s Messenger and Instagram applications now have access to a variety of augmented reality filters similar to the ones Snapchat has offered users for over a year. Users can alter their live facial image with filters that add animal features, smushed heads, and wild accessories. Likewise, special frames can be created for profile pictures that celebrate holidays, fundraisers, and changing seasons. Now there are tools for artists, designers and developers to build AR apps. This means businesses will be able to generate advertising content previously only available to companies with large marketing budgets. Due to the newly introduced discovery tab, marketers will be able to put themselves in front of more Messenger users who are looking at trending or sponsored content.


While Facebook has been in the news for these recent announcements, Snapchat has been quietly rolling out new feature. In what they are calling New World Lenses, Snapchat has introduced a plethora of new AR overlays for pictures and videos. Snapchat has historically had a huge buy-in price for advertising on the platform. The filters available for users change out every few weeks with branded filters expiring after a few days. Everything from movies to dog food companies have held a featured spot utilizing a creative and interactive feature for advertising. Further more, Snapchat has utilized geotracking to offer location-specific filters based on where users are dining, shopping or hanging out. Sales of the new Snap Spectacles, at $130 a pair, are slow to catch on. Facebook has repeatedly copied Snapchat in its platform design and features for Messenger and Instagram and will likely continue to expand on its offering.


Augmented Reality and Your Business

In conclusion, the new tool kit available for building Facebook AR filters will allow businesses to create and incorporate masks, geo-tags, and frames in their marketing plans with ease. Even the National Park Service has begun creatively using AR apps to build interest among younger crowds! The beauty of the mobile focus of technology is that it gives people “the ability to share what matters the most with us on a daily basis,” according to Facebook’s Zuckerberg. Successful brands will be ones that utilize this technology to stay relevant in the social media world. Now that you know about these new changes for Facebook and Snapchat you are ready to start incorporating video and photo frames into your social media strategy. Contact BlueTreedDigital today for guidance in drafting an effective strategy for your business.