We were Featured in CEOCFO Magazine!

Check it out—our very own Nicole Skuba has been featured in a front-page interview in CEOCFO Magazine! Lynn Fosse, senior editor, interviewed Nicole on digital marketing, marketing for government contractors, and much more. CEOCFO Magazine is a weekly print and online publication featuring in-depth interviews with today’s top corporate executives.

We’re proud to see Nicole and BlueTreeDigital featured among industry leaders. Nicole shared her insight from leading a digital agency in the Northern Virginia area, as well as her fourteen years in the digital marketing industry. Among the topics covered:

  • Do companies typically know what they want when they come to BlueTreeDigital, or are they looking for an overall marketing strategy?
  • How do we know when something is about to become important—or when it is falling off the radar?
  • How do we work collaboratively with clients?
  • How do we work with government and government contracting clients?
  • What’s a typical client engagement for BlueTreeDigital?

And finally, “What On a very basic level, what do you understand about digital marketing that perhaps others have not quite figured out yet?” Here’s part of Nicole’s response:

“There is always room to learn something else. There is always room to consult an expert on one facet of marketing that is going to push your business in the right direction. There is always someone that can do a little bit more and push the button a little bit further.”

At BlueTreeDigital we’re always looking for new ways to help our clients get more leads, build their brands, and navigate through today’s digital marketing environment. We pride ourselves on going the extra mile for businesses in the DC metropolitan area and beyond. We specialize in branding, designing and developing websites, marketing strategy, social media, SEO, and much more. How can we help your business? Contact us!