With the popularity of social media marketing, email marketing has taken the backseat, or so it seems. According to the Email Marketing Industry Census 2013 of Econsultancy, 66% of marketers say their email marketing delivers good to excellent content ROI. So the other 34% are likely missing out. If you think your company is part of this minority, you should check if you’re applying bad habits in your email marketing which keep you from moving up.

1. Cutting Corners
It’s true that email marketing can be a costly and tedious process. You always need fresh and consistent content to keep your market interested. If you cut corners and use automated article generators and rehashed content, your content appears worthless. And, that’s when your messages get sent to the dreaded trash or spam folder. If you don’t treat your subscribers as special, you can’t expect them to treat you in the same manner.

2. Scrimping on Resources
When times are tough, the tendency is to not bother spending on email management and writing services. If you’re good in writing and have the time to send regular emails, why not? But if the answer is no, then you may soon lose subscribers who opted in to receive good email content from you on a regular basis. If you can’t do it on your own, set a budget, get the necessary services and talents, and keep them for as long as you need a campaign going. The key is in how you budget.

3. Not Giving Time to Optimize and See Results
Sure, anyone can launch an email campaign, but not all email campaigns are effective. Sending out emails to lists does not qualify as an effective campaign. You need to assess if it’s doing the job based on the goals your specified. This is why it’s important to use an email marketing and content management service such as MailChimp, Get Response, or Silverpop.

4. Lack of a Strategy for Improvement
Everybody’s been doing email marketing, so you jump onto the bandwagon hoping that you’ll also benefit. That’s a reasonable assumption, but do you even have a valid reason? What’s your strategy? According to the 2013 Email Marketing Benchmark Report of Marketing Sherpa, the goals of 67% of email marketers are to:

1. Deliver highly relevant content
2. Drive more traffic to their website
3. Increase sales conversion rates

Is your email marketing goal among the top three? With a defined goal, you’ll know what to look at and check in your content marketing to know if your campaign is working or not.