End Of Year Email Marketing Tips

It has been an exciting year for the marketing industry, and this momentum is geared to continue into next year and beyond. How is has your company and your industry performed this year? Any high-performance business will currently be engaged in a deep analysis of their marketing efforts this year, to see what can be improved, omitted and added into their strategies for next year. As we already know, marketing is extremely valuable to businesses that want to succeed. The types of marketing you choose however, can either help or hurt your ability to achieve your goals. When choosing the marketing strategies that best suit your operations and your industry, undoubtedly one strategy that is universally applicable is Email Marketing. This form of marketing is direct and uses well-constructed content to communicate various points of interest to an existing and/or potential client base. EOY email marketing is one of the most crucial forms of marketing in which you can engage. It is thoughtful, helpful and when executed properly, can be very successful in stimulating new business, as well as securing customer retention. Your customers check their email every day and they are most certainly inundated with deals and ideas and pitches from all their associates. What are you doing to make sure that you stand out? Are your email marketing efforts contributing positively to your relationship with your customers? Here are a few EOY email marketing tips that will help you maintain positive relationships with your clients, and even inspire confidence in clients you’re trying to acquire:

1. Don’t over saturate your customers with too much information, too often. Then end of year emails you send should be informative, concise and in general, a pleasure to read. The line between a legitimate email and spam, can be thick or thin dependent on content and construction.

2. Don’t swap, lend or rent your email list. When someone gives you their email address, it’s a show of confidence that you will respect their confidentiality. They want to hear from you and your company. The quickest way to get blocked and to earn a bad reputation online, is to breach
the trust your customers place in you.

3. As much as possible, make your message interactive. Customers and associates want to hear what you have to say, but they also want to feel like you’re amenable to listening to them in return. It is easy to shut customers out if your tone is condescending or lecturing. Be mindful of this.

4. Personalization is the name of the game. You may have customers in droves, but each of them must be treated as important and valuable. If you want people to invest time and money in the services/goods you provide, you in turn must treat with them as unique and priceless. When emailing associates, mention an article they published on their blog or a change on their website. Show them that you’re paying attention.

You are responsible for the relationships you share with your clients and associates. You have to be instrumental in the maintenance of said relationships, and an EOY email marketing campaign is one of the best ways to do this. Take your time, proof and edit meticulously and always end with a call to action.