Google Search Updates 2016

As usual more things are changing in the world of SEO. A few updates happened that may impact your site and how you appear in search results. What are the changes, and what do they mean for your SEO? Here are a few updates from the past month and how they can impact your website.

Design Change in Google SERPs

Are Google’s search results looking slightly different to you lately? That’s because they are different. Google widened the appearance of its search results page, increasing the width of the main search results column to 600 pixels from 500 pixels. Little change, but a big impact, affecting everything displayed in the organic search results column. This also impacts featured snippets and local packs.

  • New title length in search results: up to 70 characters before Google truncates the title and uses an ellipsis (…).
  • Snippets: Size of features snippets increased.
  • Local pack map results: size is also increased.

Update to Google’s Mobile-Friendly Algorithm

Did you know that we’re finally searching more on mobile than desktop? People are 5 times more likely to leave your site if it isn’t mobile-friendly. It’s clear that responsive, mobile-friendly design is becoming more important than what you see on your desktop or laptop.

Back in April of last year we saw Google’s initial mobilegeddon update. Last month Google launched part 2 of their mobile-friendly search update. If you weren’t taking mobile design seriously before, updating your website sooner than later would be the best course of action. Google ranks mobile-friendly sites higher in its algorithm, it’s a fact. That means if your competitors made the effort, you don’t really stand a chance. Here are some of Google’s own tips for mobile sites:

  • Responsiveness: Your template and design should adapt to any screen size, from desktop to phone.
  • Ease of use: Make it simple for mobile users to accomplish tasks and navigate. For example, use big buttons easy to click from mobile devices.

These features make it easier for users and customers on your site anyway—and now you have one more reason to make sure your site is mobile-friendly.

SERP Shakeups

Have you been seeing a shakeup in your page rankings? We wrote about the Google core algorithm update earlier this year—we’ve had our eyes on the issue and it’s caused lot of buzz lately. The SEO community is seeing fluctuations which could mean Penguin… soon.

Keeping up the world of SEO is both an art and a science. How can you leverage these updates to your advantage? Unsure about what do about these changes…or what they even mean?

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