Hiring Marketing Professionals Who Stand Out and Shout

Hiring Marketing ProfessionalsBy Sarah Xu

How does one hire a great marketing professional? What even makes a marketing professional effective? Some people have referred to the traits of great marketers as merely “soft skills.” Of course, marketing is much more than that, especially when it comes to tech-savvy and strategy – but there is an element of creativity and adaptability to this extremely dynamic industry that some look at dubiously, while others recognize its potential and value.

Soft skills such as the flexibility to stay current amidst changing trends, the ability to form interpersonal relationships with customers, or the enthusiasm and persuasion to contagiously communicate a great brand, are not teachable in the same way that technical skills are. The manager looking to hire an effective marketing professional should search for someone who can already bring these abilities to the table. They will find that such “soft skills” can quickly translate into hard results for their brand and company.

Hiring a marketing professional who is relevantly experienced yet open to continued learning, who is conscientious and dependable but also flexible and adaptable, and who is focused and determined while remaining creative, is no simple task and requires a degree of finesse. Hiring managers should look for evidence that a candidate takes the initiative, displays a natural curiosity and capacity to learn, and, above all, champions innovation.

In today’s ad-saturated market, especially online, it truly takes interesting and useful content to win the attention and confidence of the customer. As our own marketing coordinator and hiring manager, Sokha Ang, said on the Jobvite blog: “…good marketers need to be able to stand out and ‘shout’ amidst all the other voices on the web.”

Being eloquent and relevant in your marketing content distinguishes your brand from the rest of the digital “noise.” Much of this content will be delivered through written communications such as social media, email campaigns, or blogging so it is important to seek out professionals with strong writing abilities.

Is the candidate’s resume free of grammatical errors and spelling typos? Is his or her cover letter polished and original? It may even be helpful to request a unique content piece, such as a personal commercial or a social media campaign pushing for the candidate’s own hire. These content pieces allow the hiring manager to assess creativity, as well as writing and presentation ability, all of which are important marketing skills that are directly applicable to the job in question. Representing oneself in a way that is eye-catching and eloquent can translate directly to representing a brand or company just as well.

This entire process clearly requires time, thought, and effort. Although hiring a marketing professional can be tricky, it is well worth the investment. A successful and growing business is only going to require increased marketing considerations.

If you need to hire someone who has already been evaluated for the above qualities, a trained specialist who can also be on-site at your place of business, understand its needs, and pitch in with daily marketing tasks and advice, BlueTreeDigital offers a great resource in the form of our on-site marketing coordinator service. We are happy to help take your business growth to the next level, stand out, and “shout” for your company!