Ready for 2016? BlueTreeDigital Shares Our New Year’s Resolutions

The last few weeks of December are trickling away. Here at BlueTreeDigital we thought we’d wind down 2015 by thinking ahead to next year. Our team sat down and thought about our resolutions for the New Year…and we’d like to share them with you.

Nicole Skuba, CEO: “My resolution is to get outside and enjoy life every time the sky is blue.”

Heather Bowen, Project Manager:  “To win the club championship in golf by sneaking out at lunch for a quick 9 holes.”

Krysten Copeland, Marketing Coordinator:  “My New Year’s resolution is to take one online marketing course for any skill that I could use some work on.”

Stephanie Diaz, Writer: “I hearby resolve to spend less time online this next year focusing on bad news and clicking on negative headlines. For real!”

Terrance Henderson, Web Developer:  “Workout more, nap less, meditate as much as possible…become Batman.”

Doug Martin, Creative Director: “My New Year’s resolution this year is to shut down from work a little earlier at night and not fall asleep with my laptop still on my lap.”

Marisa Waterman, Project Manager:  “Mine is to learn something new…perhaps Photoshop, graphic design, or photography—or since they all go hand in hand, I’d love to learn all three!”

Jessica Weber, Project Manager:  “My resolution is to stop being such a computer nerd and go adventuring more. I also want to learn a new craft, I’ve been into ceramics and metalsmithing lately and would love to start making my own pretty things.”

What’s your resolution? It’s a great time to think about work/life balance , learning new skills, and letting go of old habits. Here’s to another year of success and growth for all us, whether personal or professional. Our team wishes you and yours a lovely holiday season and a very happy New Year!