So you’ve asked yourself the tough questions about your company and the idea of brand development, and you’ve decided that it’s time to rebrand. What now? For most companies embarking on the rebranding journey, the path first starts a brand development strategy which eventually leads to two critical elements: logos and taglines. A new logo with a new tagline can help define your company’s brand and differentiate you, your products, and your services from the competition. What goes into a great logo redesign and an effective tagline?

Logo Basics

You need a logo design that’s easy to read, memorable, and attractive. What should you look for?

  • Imagery that resonates with your target audience and that’s appropriate for your business. Are you targeting professional decision-makers? Millennial consumers? Make sure to do your research.
  • Smart use of color. There’s a whole science of colors and their meaning. Choose unique colors, but not too many. And remember that your logo will need to be reproduced in black and white.
  • Unique, recognizable design that sets you apart from competitors. Make sure you do your homework on your industry and your area.
  • Strong, bold, uncluttered design. Small, fussy details don’t reproduce well.
  • Plays nicely with your company name and your tagline (see below).
  • Uses an easy-to-read font that expresses your company’s character. Fonts can be serious or playful, and are always expressive. What works for your brand?
  • Looks good in many different formats and sizes. Your logo will be seen on a mobile devices and desktop PCs, on websites and social media, on a business card or a brochure.

Piece of cake, right? Working with creative designers and marketing professionals can help you brainstorm ideas that capture your brand; a good designer will present you with multiple options.

Brand Taglines 101

A tagline is a short phrase that accompanies your logo, about four to seven words. It expresses your company’s identity and philosophy. It’s what you want your customers to remember about you. A great tagline is also elusive; as the old expression goes, you can’t define it, but you know it when you see it. What should you look for in a tagline?

  • Memorable, but in a good way. Your tagline should have a certain punch, without inducing either eye rolls or yawns.
  • Clever, but not too clever. Avoid the pun temptation!
  • Captures your personality and your voice. Serious? Warm? Somewhat humorous?
  • Appeals to your target audience. Again, make sure you do your research. Are you aiming at business managers who need to solve an IT problem, or parents looking for a caring, safe daycare?

Does this sounds a little intimidating? Here again, marketing agency strategists, copywriters, and designers can brainstorm ideas that work with and enhance your logo.

High Standards When It Comes to Brand Development

You’ve gone through rebranding effort, and you have a new logo and tagline that make your brand stand out. Now what? The point of your brand is consistency. Use you new logo and tagline on your website, social media, email campaigns, and printed collateral—in short, anything that represents your business.

That’s why it’s important to develop standards that govern the use of your logo and tagline. These standards encompass fonts, colors, placement, sizing, and much more. The marketing specialists and logo designers that helped you through this process can also help you develop a style guide for your logo, tagline, and design elements; this will help keep your brand on track.

Your logo and your tagline are your brand in a nutshell. It’s worth working with a digital marketing agency that understands how to develop the big-picture strategy behind a successful rebranding. If you choose a digital marketing agency, make sure they have background in branding services—check out their portfolio to see if they’re a good fit. Rebranding is a major effort, but your company is worth it.