Case Study – O’Donnell

BlueTreeDigital Brings in Ten Paying Clients for Law Firm with a Two Month Campaign


The Need:

“I’m here to help people that have been wronged,” said O’Donnell Law Offices’ Neil O’Donnell. The legal team knew law inside and out, but they did not have the time to market themselves and needed more clients than referrals were gaining them. Further, they wanted to attract higher quality clients by developing a unique selling proposition, giving their prospects a logical reason to prefer O’Donnell Law Offices over another firm. The firm had been in business for decades and possessed a strong brand, yet needed a strong value proposition.

The Strategy:

BlueTreeDigital’s aggressive two month integrated marketing campaign, “Walk in Wednesday,” was launched. The concept provided individuals with the ability to walk into the law firm, at anytime on Wednesday, to talk directly to a lawyer. No appointments needed.

The plan included the development of a unique selling proposition that made O’Donnell stand out among their competitors, gain visibility, and be remembered. Television, radio, website, search engine optimization (SEO), print, and social media were among the items included in the integrated marketing plan that presented ads to the correct prospects on and off line.

The Results:

As a result of BlueTreeDigital’s expertise with legal compliancy and the legal profession, we brought O’Donnell ten new clients and a higher visibility in the community. Consequently, their database expanded, and we provided referrals to other firms in areas that don’t provide these services.