Case Study – Identity Guard

BlueTreeDigital Helps Identity Guard Capture the Elusive 97%


Identity Guard Logo

The Need:

Identity Guard® helps protect from identity theft‚ with an expert Member Services team that is ready to assist its customers. Their innovative technology proactively monitors customers’ personal and financial information to help customers stay aware and alert.

Studies have shown that only 3% of prospects are willing to provide credit card information on a landing page. However, 30% will sign up for email if the offer is good enough.


The Strategy:

Cart abandonment is gaining traction as the top concern for lost sales. If the prospect is not going to fully convert into a sale, the key is to grab that contact info before the lead is gone. BlueTreeDigital created an email nurture program focused on helping Identity Guard capture email addresses and turn the prospect into a customer.

It makes sense to ask for the email address so you don’t lose 97% of traffic. Most people need to interact with a company seven times  before choosing to buy. Collecting email addresses provides the opportunity to convince the lead to buy on their own terms.


The Results:

By implementing a series of targeted, segmented email communications, a 25% conversion rate was achieved in just the first month of the cart abandonment program.