Case Study – LunchSkins

BlueTreeDigital Increases Sales by 4600% for a Local Start-up Using Targeted Marketing


The Need:

lunchskins-logoThe brainchild of three Moms who formed 3GreenMoms, LunchSkins are award-winning reusable fabric sandwich and snack bags in modern, eye-popping designs that are the answer to the plastic baggie blues.  LunchSkins are made of food-safe, high-quality fabric, and are grease- and moisture-proof bags.  Dishwasher-safe and BPA-free, these reusable, affordable fabric sandwich and snack bags reduce waste and are available in a variety of fun patterns for boys, girls and adults of all ages.


The Strategy:

As a local start-up business, LunchSkins needed to quickly increase sales on a modest marketing budget. LunchSkins trusted BlueTreeDigital, a local full-service digital marketing agency founded by Fortune 500 marketing strategists, who provide creative marketing solutions for both local and national entrepreneurs in small and medium-sized businesses.  BlueTreeDigital’s marketing experts decided to identify and target a specialized audience for a specific one-month event, Back to School, to urge plastic waste reduction and support their environmental curriculum at schools.  They used Facebook ads, email list rentals, advertorials, and banner ads to increase visibility.


The Results:

BlueTreeDigital provided exposure to more than 2 million targeted prospects with a conversion rate of 17%.  The Back to School marketing campaign drove daily sales from $20 to average of $940, an increase of 4600%!  Using BlueTreeDigital for their marketing needs, they helped their local start-up use digital marketing channels to effectively brand-build and target their brand’s audience.  LunchSkins has since become a national sensation mentioned on talk shows, magazines, child and environmental sites.