SEO: Google’s 2016 Algorithm Updates Continue

Google Algorithm Update January 2016


The Google Algorithm Update of January 2016

The past two weeks in the SEO world have been filled with suspense, mystery, and thankfully for us, solace. Others have not been so lucky and have fallen victim to Google’s latest algorithm update. To fill you in on what has been going on, Google deployed an update. This particular update has caused significant upset in search results. The usual updates that happen throughout the year are but a mere hiccup compared to Google’s most recent update. Below is a screenshot of one of the tracking tools that shows how big the changes have been.



So what do we know about what Google has been up to?

  • The update was to Google’s core algorithm; this has been confirmed by Google’s Gary Illyes.
  • Penguin was not part of this update.
  • Google made the internal structural change of adding Panda as part of their core algorithm. This does not mean that real time updates are here; it’s a change that makes implementing Panda updates more efficient for Google.
  • There was no Panda algorithm update, just integration into the core.
  • Penguin real time is coming this quarter (hopefully), possibly in the next few weeks.

The rest is speculation. We were even lucky that Google has confirmed that there was an algorithm update – usually they do not. We are not sure of the details of the core update…and most likely Google will not release any information.


So what now you ask?

Well, we’re watching, researching, and analyzing. But if you are unsure of what to do, it all boils down continuing to make the web awesome for your users. Great content and a great website are still the keys to SEO success.