Branding is what makes your business one‑of‑a‑kind, distinct from all the rest. Your look and feel has to set you apart from everybody else—whether you’re a conglomerate or a start-up, a diversifying portfolio or a one-product company, a private enterprise or a government entity.

We understand that your identity and message should make a unique impact and imprint on the minds of your target market. Branding is that put-together quality that makes each piece of your business persona belong to each other and to you—and to nobody else.

Our branding services include both brand development for new companies/entities and rebranding strategy for existing brands. A solid brand development strategy will help develop your company’s identity and communicate who you are to your audience. You may want to ask yourself these four questions when developing your brand. What are the brand’s most compelling benefits? What emotions are elicited by the brand either during or after the purchase? What one word best describes the brand? What is important to consumers in the purchase of the brand? Once the answers to these questions are known, a company can begin to develop a stronger brand position.

Let us help build a brand for you. We can help tweak an existing brand or build it from the ground up. Branding services include:

  • Competitor brand analysis
  • Custom logo design with original artwork
  • Stationery design including letterhead, envelopes, presentation templates, etc.
  • Downloadable branding guidelines detailing fonts, colors, and logo usage
  • Company messaging including visions, mission statements, and elevator pitches
  • Taglines and catchphrases