Market Research

Successful businesses conduct market research to provide insight into who their customers are, what they are thinking, their buying patterns, their locations, and to simply keep an eye on market trends. Effective marketing research can provide a foundation for sales & marketing excellence through a customized marketing strategy that reaches the right people with the right message. But where do you start? BlueTreeDigital can help. We start by helping you clearly define a set of research objectives, so you get actionable outputs and data.

Example key questions that can be addressed via market research include:

  • How can we improve sales of a product that hasn’t met expectations?
  • How can we improve our penetration within a specific customer group?
  • Why have we experienced a sharp increase in customer attrition?
  • Which of three new product concepts should we invest in developing further?
  • Which of several new possible geographic territories should we invest in for new distribution?
  • What types of marketing messages are likely to resonate with our target customers as we roll out a new product or solution?
  • What percentage of our target market knows we exist?
  • What percentage of a specific customer group has favorable impressions of our brand?

Depending on your goals, we help identify the best methods to conduct your market research from an extensive set of market research methods and then use the data to perform a market analysis. How do we get the answers to your questions?

Primary research means communicating directly with your desired target. Methods include:

  • Focus groups
  • Surveys
  • Customer feedback
  • Questionnaires

Secondary research provides the big picture in your industry:

  • Industry and trade publications
  • Social media
  • Consumer lists
  • Industry analyst reports
  • Census data
Market research company marketing analysis

We then build on this market research to create a marketing strategy that can lead you down the right path to more leads, increased sales, a better reputation, or any other goal you may have. What are your pressing questions to concerns when it comes to your business?