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Marketing Automation with SharpSpring

You’ve established yourself in your industry, you have traffic to your website and are generating leads but aren’t seeing the ROI that you want. How can you better track your leads and increase your conversion rates? The answer is marketing automation.

The work doesn’t end when marketing delivers prospects. We want our clients to turn leads into sales and growth. That’s why we’re pleased to offer marketing automation from SharpSpring. We can integrate SharpSpring into your existing marketing efforts, or build it into your marketing and sales strategy from the ground up.

What is marketing automation and why should you consider SharpSpring? Its tools can help enhance your conversion process by automating marketing tasks and sales follow ups. Here are a few features:

Generate More Leads and Track Efficiently

Marketing automation with SharpSpring takes inbound marketing a step further by identifying anonymous visitors to your website. You can also embed its dynamic forms on your website to capture lead contact information and track their activities on your website and with your marketing campaigns. SharpSpring integrates fully with your social media campaigns as well.

Convert More Leads

SharpSpring can track your website visitors and score them based on their behavior. What pages did they visit? What products or services interest them the most? Receive sales notifications based on scoring and behavior and know what your leads really want. More information helps you sell more effectively by allowing you to utilize data to optimize your activities.

Email that Works Smarter

If you use already use email for marketing, you understand why it’s important to harness the power of the inbox. Marketing automation with SharpSpring lets you customize and automate your emails on a new level. Email lead nurture campaigns can be automated and personalized for your leads, based on their behavior and their score. Target your leads with the right message at exactly the right time.

Know Your ROI

You need to know how well your campaigns are working and optimize them for better results. SharpSpring gives you comprehensive analytics, including graphs and reports that give you details on your ROI. It even offers you Google AdWords integration so you can fine-tune your campaigns even more. Eliminate waste and invest in strategies and campaigns that give you more growth.

Save Time And Money

SharpSpring is the most affordable option when it comes to marketing automation tools. The software caters to small to medium businesses and provides a robust tool without the added cost for enterprise features. Automating your marketing will save you precious time. And since we’ve partnered with SharpSpring directly, we are able to offer you marketing automation services at a discounted price.


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