Staffing and Training

At BlueTreeDigital we know all of our clients have unique needs. Our staffing and training services can help you take your marketing to the next level on your own terms.

The expertise of a marketing agency with the convenience of an on-site staff member

Your business is growing and you need to increase your marketing. Social media, media buying, web site overhauls. It’s necessary, but you’re having a tough time keeping up with it all. Time to call a marketing agency.

At the same time, you wish you had a trained marketing specialist at your place of business. Sometimes there’s no substitute for real face time with someone who can learn about your business first-hand, brainstorm when needed, and pitch in right away with all the daily marketing tasks you face.

BlueTreeDigital can supply the best of both worlds with your On-Site Marketing Coordinator. How do you benefit?

  • We provide a skilled marketing staff person on-site at your business 10-20 hours weekly who provides day-to-day marketing services. Your on-site marketing coordinator can take care of social media, blogging, media buying, simple website updates, emails, and marketing tasks as assigned.
  • You receive strategy and specialized services from our marketing agency specialists. Get expert guidance and implementation from our experts on branding, SEO, Google AdWords, graphic design, website overhauls, and more.
  • You delegate the marketing tasks you want. For example, you may want to be in charge of your own blog and website content, but you might need extra help with email newsletters and social media advertising.
  • All for one monthly, predictable fee.

With your On-Site Marketing Coordinator, BlueTreeDigital provides the perfect combination of specialized marketing expertise and on-site service. Take control over your marketing efforts and watch your business grow!

Learn to Grow Your Business

Every business, no matter how small, needs marketing. Often a new hire or intern gets stuck with the marketing tasks—keeping up with social media, updating the web site, sending email newsletters—and faces a steep learning curve. Where do you start?

Here’s where Your Marketing Mentor can help. Through our upcoming series of webinars, we’ll deliver the marketing knowledge entrepreneurs need to generate leads and grow their businesses. You can keep and review the one-hour downloadable webinars whenever you wish. Get the training you and your staff need to use marketing tools effectively.

Webinar topics will include:

  • Using email for marketing
  • Putting social media to work for you
  • Perfecting your website with WordPress

We’ll walk you step-by-step through the process of setting up accounts and using them the right way. We’ll also share tips and tricks to get you results. Finally get your marketing efforts under control and get the tools you need to grow your business!

Our webinars are coming soon, so keep up to date with news and updates from BlueTreeDigital by signing up for our newsletter.