Marketing Strategy

If you build it, they will come. We all know that only works in the movies. You’ve built a great product or service, and now it’s time to do the work to grow your business. This is where BlueTreeDigital comes in.

We will draft a marketing plan that takes all of your one-off marketing efforts previously executed – an ad here or a Facebook post there – and evaluates them for return on investment. What ventures brought in actual clients and dollars?

We bring in our decades of experience to craft a marketing strategy combining existing successes with new strategies, providing detailed analyses of advertising options and recommending the best placements and tactics to reach the target market. Our cohesive marketing plan and strategy includes:

  • Creation of a full-scale marketing plan/strategy to increase business and brand recognition
  • Identification of the marketing channels most relevant to reaching your target
  • Identification of the best media outlets for ad placement
  • Based on strategy and advertising recommendations, identification of quarterly campaigns to best reach target audience
  • Digital and traditional strategies, objectives, and tactics
  • Production calendars
  • Marketing budget suggestions