Social Media – Making Your Mark On Your Peers

With the use of social media for marketing being the standard, it’s important to perform an assessment of just how well your business is utilizing its strength. When it dawned upon the business public that social media would be a great way to market themselves to the general public, they went at it like wildfire. Because most people already utilized the more popular social networks like Facebook, LinkedIN and Twitter, a lot of them figured it would be as easy as pie to set up accounts and profiles for their businesses. Alas, it was quickly realized that this was not the case. The profile you have for yourself is, for lack of a better word, personal. This is the home base for you online/mobile network of friends, family members and loved ones. You share pictures, (some flattering, some not), events, music and statuses, that are personal to your life. In fact, the stuff you share on there is so personal, that we’re willing to bet that many of you have your employers, and some of your co-workers blocked or on limited profile access.

So the reason the initial attempts at making profiles for businesses didn’t do so well, is because they were often poorly managed, and didn’t fit in within the boundaries of personal and professional. Luckily, most social networks have created and refined the spaces they provide for businesses. Many of them have also empowered businesses with built-in marketing tools, all for free. So why are businesses still not benefiting from the strength of an unhindered existing and potential customer base? Because businesses are still neglecting to socialize and network with one very important group of people – their peers! Marketing to your peers has several key benefits that no other audience can provide. These include:

  1. The ability to keep abreast of modern advancements and changes within your specific industry. This is also good because you will get real-time reviews of things like services and software.

  1. To maintain your competitive edge, it’s good to be able to keep daily tabs on the other leaders in your industry. You know what they say about keeping friends close, but enemies closer…

  1. You will have the opportunity to supplement areas in which they are lacking. This is not poaching their customers per se, but it would be remiss of you NOT to position yourself for any/all possible sales opportunities.

  1. Strengthening your professional network, may open up avenues for savings in your operations. You will meet people in serial industries that can offer services like logistics, raw materials and even further marketing opportunities!

  1. You can keep on top of events that are specific to your industry and use them as an opportunity to partner with your associates. Sometimes, strength in numbers is a viable option for considerations.

These are just a few of the benefits that marketing to your peers has to offer. No matter how competitive your industry, it is better to develop strong and lasting relationships with your peers and keep the rivalry at a positive, but aggressive level. Besides managing your professional social networks properly, managing your marketing efforts, especially where your peers are concerned, is of paramount importance. Are you doing all you can to make the most of your networking tools and opportunities?