No one understands the struggles of marketing like the small business owner. So often you’ll feel like there’s a battle raging inside you because you don’t know if marketing is a viable option to you at all. With restrictive budgets and no deep knowledge of marketing yourself, you’re just trying to get by. This isn’t good enough. And in today’s fiercely competitive economy, sitting back and hoping for the best is probably one of the worst things you can do for your company. It’s akin to committing business suicide. Yes. We brought out the big “S” for this one; Business Suicide! Can marketing help everyone? Is it good to generalize like that? Well, to answer the first question on its own, yes. Marketing is how we reach and inspire our customers. It keeps our business visible and viable on the market and without it, failure is a given. Now, we’re an online marketing firm, so you’re liable to think “Well of course they’ll say marketing is important! That’s how they make their money!” And you’re right, we will always tout the importance of marketing because we’re in the industry and we’ve seen the effectiveness. But from another standpoint, we’re also all customers at heart. We’ve been marketed to, the same way that you have. So we know what works, who it came from and where we’ll spend our money as a direct result of the marketing strategies that we’ve been exposed to.

For the small business owner, however, we appreciate the apprehension with which you view marketing and more specifically, online marketing. Some of the more popular reasons for the small business owner’s trepidation include:

1. A perceived lack of budget

2. A sense of unfamiliarity with marketing and marketing their unique products or services

3. General fear of a lack of accountability or measurable success

These fears are really all based on a lack of information, plain and simple. When you work with an intuitive digital marketing firm you will be able to view your business, sales goals and target market with different eyes. One of the biggest mistakes small business owners make is that they gauge the success and cost of marketing based on the success and cost experienced by companies larger than themselves. If you’re a small, local operation with 200 loyal customers and 5 employees, how much sense does it make to compare your potential success or failure to that of a company like It just does not translate! To make marketing work with your small business, start small and one of the best ways to do this is by harnessing the power of the internet. Here are a few tips that we hope will convince you to consider online marketing more favorably:

1. Take advantage of the free tools available to you online like local business directories. This is an excellent way to market to your target audience and to network professionally.

2. Build a blog! Business blogging has become one of the most formidable and effective forms of online marketing. It secures your position as a knowledgeable entity in your industry and many times can be done for free!

3. If you can’t measure it, you don’t know if it’s working. Analytics allows you access to integral data about your customers like – where they are from, length of time spent on your site and what they do on your site too.

So to all the small business owners out there, don’t shut the door on marketing all together. Online marketing might just be the key to helping you experience a whole new level of success!