Take It Outside this Summer! Four Tips for Marketing at Summer Events

Tips summer event marketingMemorial Day is almost here. Are you looking forward to swimming pools and summer vacations, or are you dreading the heat, the humidity, and the disruption to routine? Don’t just crank up the air conditioning and hope it all goes away. Summer is prime season for festivals, farmers markets, fairs, charity events, and many others. Take advantage of the season to get out of the office and connect with potential customers in a fresh way at outdoor events. Here are four tips to keep in mind as you get ready.

1. Find the summer event that’s best for your business.
Research the happenings in your area to see what might be a good fit. Think about your customers and where you want to reach them. Charity events are an especially good way to get more exposure. Check about sponsorship opportunities; your logo and name will be featured, plus you’ll connect with potential customers in your community in a memorable way.

BlueTreeDigital likes to follow our own advice. We were proud to sponsor the “Walkin’ with Gabriella” Walk-a-thon on May 9, organized by the Smashing Walnuts Foundation. Not only did we help raise money and awareness for the fight against childhood brain cancer, but we also had a great time connecting with our community at a fun outdoor event for families.

2. Promote it
No matter what the event is, get the word out well ahead of time. Carefully timed social media posts create a buzz about your appearance at an upcoming event; schedule posts ahead of time to give yourself one less thing to think about as you prepare. Does the event have its own Facebook page or website? Make sure to share, like and post. Talk about it in your blog and email newsletters. Don’t forget about the follow-up when it’s over. Post photos of your employees having good time and share stories about how successful and fun the event turned out for everyone.

3. Get some giveaways
Have some swag ready that’s appropriate to the season, the event, and your business, festooned with your logo and web address. Think outside the ordinary. We’ve seen shopping bags, water bottles, Mason jar drink holders, flip flops, sunglasses, coolers, and even fans. Simply hand out little items to interested passerby; save bigger items for prize drawings.

4. Add to your list
Don’t forget to collect addresses for your email list, but remember that event-goers may shy away from giving away their information. So inspire them. Give away coupons and interesting freebies if people give their contact information. And never underestimate the classic “put your business card in this jar, win a prize” routine. If you’ve seen those full jars at your local restaurant lately, you know it can work.

Smart thinking about events and seasons is part of a successful marketing plan for a small business. No matter the season, BlueTreeDigital helps our clients develop that plan. At the same time we can take care of the nitty-gritty detail work that relates to events: social
media promotion, logo design, email marketing, and more. And that means more precious time for you. Let us help you and your business get ready for summer!