The Makings Of Good Holiday Marketing

Marketing for Christmas - Christmas LightsIt should go without saying that the holiday season is the positively best time for selling. Most, if not all businesses, try to up the ante and get themselves seen and desired with added ferocity. Business is competitive but the holiday season is akin to the Olympics of sales goals – just breaking even will not do. What businesses want this (and every holiday season) is three main things:

  1. Increased visibility and popularity
  2. Increased footfall or traffic
  3. Increased conversions and sales

Seems like lofty goals, huh? But the holiday season is what can make or break your projected sales revenue for the year. Be it a brick-and-mortar establishment or strictly an online e-commerce shop, many businesses depend on the holiday season to bring them the aforementioned increases. What should you be doing to ensure that you get everything on your business wish-list this holiday season? We’ve compiled a list of the things you should be doing to enjoy the best sales and revenue that the season has to offer:

Send Greetings and Good Tidings:

You may not be able to apply this to your entire customer base, but for the elite, loyal, high-volume customers, you need to put some thought into this consideration. A simple, non-soliciting greeting card is something that a customer will value now and forever because it’s not just about the greeting; it’s about the thought that went behind it. Your loyal customers won’t need too much convincing to shop with you, but simple tokens of appreciation for their business during the year, will make them refer you en masse.

Remember Your Market when Marketing:

It is easy to get excited during the holiday season and lose sight of who your target market is. Sometimes we get a little greedy and hope that by casting wider nets, we’ll rake in bigger business. This isn’t always true. Sometimes when we over-generalize or lose focus, we lose potential clients who are looking for specific things and we just end up with a glut of less-than-valuable one-off sales. Keep your marketing campaigns clean, clear, and clustered. Know your products intimately and discern the quality of customer you want to attract and convert. This honing-in of your marketing efforts means applying tailored tactic for more robust, well-rounded results.

Timed or Countdown Marketing Tactics Bring Excitement:

Easily adaptable for businesses online and offline, this strategy employs a “Get it while it’s hot!” momentum. In the weeks leading up to December 25th, people have money to spend and lists to fulfill. Try promoting one product or service per week with extra vigor at a decreased price, but let customers know they only have one week to snag it at said price. Not only will they be moved by the urgency, they will refer others who share a need or desire for it. When the deal for the week is done, they are already eager to see what you’re going to offer them next.

There are many more tips and concepts that we can provide on how to fuel your marketing strategies this holiday. Take these and run with them, and feel free to contact us directly for even more customer-winning, Christmas-friendly ideas. Best of luck!