Is this another “Content is King” article? Sort of, because this maxim definitely bears repeating. For anyone who has a business or even just someone with a personal space online, you have to appreciate the value of high-quality content. We say “have” because to us, that’s just second nature, but to many people, frankly it isn’t. This isn’t an article about the SEO value of content, it’s about he value of content to your actual customers. High quality content is the most important factor for SEO, if you want to learn more about that please check out our SEO service page, or contact us to chat.

To understand the value of something you must precede with an understanding of its purpose. Loosely defined, content can be textual, graphic or audio that is integrated via several mediums. Specifically regarding website content, all of the above can contribute either negatively or positively to your company’s bottom line. Content informs, excites, and entices your target audience and should be instrumental in converting initial engagements into sales. When your customers, both existing and potential, land on your website, it is your content that will make them peruse with purchasing in mind. Additionally, the effectiveness of your content will inspire them to refer you as a go-to resource to their personal networks of friends, family members and associates. This is the purpose of high-quality content on a professional website. As far as value is concerned, you can measure the effectiveness of your website-published content by the amount of business your site conducts. A simple assessment can be conducted by asking some basic questions:

  1. Do I have a desired, relevant product/service?
  2. Do I offer my goods/services at a fair cost?
  3. Is my customer service impeccable?

If you can answer a resounding “yes” to all of these questions, but you’re still not enjoying the conversion you expected via your website, the quality of your content may be lackluster. It’s always best to view a website, not as the business owner, but as the customer. Go to the websites of your competitors and to your favorite vendors. Do you enjoy being on the site? Is it informative? Is it easily maneuverable? Do the text and graphics encourage you to read on and possibly make a purchase? Then visit your own website. If any of these things are lacking, it’s time you upgraded your content.

Your website content is what will set you apart in your industry and so it is integral that you invest the time and funds necessary to develop it. A common misconception however, is that website content needs to be flashy and complicated to attract and retain customers. Nothing could be further from the truth. Sometimes, simplicity is what wins. The import thing to remember is that your content must match your company and your customers all at once. It must convey the very best of your offerings while simultaneously giving your customers something to hold onto, mentally. Here are some quick tips to help bring your site up to par:

  • Make sure that defunct, irrelevant, out-date and incorrect information is swept off the site.
  • Design is important, but remember that search engines don’t give a hoot about that. Content is what matters to all search engines.
  • Customers appreciate punctual and seasonal content. If we’re in December but you’re site is still touting Summer Sales, something’s off!

Remember to keep your audience in mind while never losing site of the core function of the content that your website it publishing. It may sound like a twisty task, but professionals like us are here to help!