Think Outside the Holiday Box: 5 Unique Ways to Use Holidays in Your Marketing

5 Unique Ways to Use Holidays in your Marketing

In mid-December we’re in the full swing of holiday marketing, counting down until Christmas day and the New Year. Holidays are big times for sales and marketing for small businesses—it’s easy to think about ideas for social media and email content. But what happens when we put away the New Year’s champagne bottles and drag the trees to the curb?

Get out your calendars and think outside the box. There‘s more on your calendar than the big holidays.  Here are a few ideas for working lesser-known, offbeat holidays and celebrations, as well as other special dates, into your content.

1. Don’t ignore second-tier holidays. You know what these are—Groundhog Day, Mother’s Day, St. Patrick’s Day. Your calendar is filled with second tier-holidays that aren’t on the big list but might inspire your marketing. Remind your customers to get ready for spring; share a story about your Irish background on social media; offer a Mother’s Day freebie to your followers.

2. Have fun with wacky holidays. There really is a National Popcorn Day (January 19) and a National Donut Day (June 3), not to mention International Talk like a Pirate Day (September 19)…and many more. Silly? Maybe. But you’ll build a sense of fun and community if you take advantage of these offbeat holidays in your social media posts. Offer free donuts or popcorn to your visitors, or show your employees in their best pirate eyepatches!

3. This day in history…Think about events in local history that might interest your potential audience. If you’re in the greater DC or Northern Virginia area, for example, chances are you’re near the site of a major battle or important event. Share links from local historic sites or parks. This helps you build local connections with your community.

4. Happy birthday! Think about birthdays of famous people—not necessarily movie stars or athletes, but influential or important people in your field. This can especially work in B2B marketing. If your company is focused on technology, acknowledge an important inventor or trailblazer—or perhaps throw a spotlight on a little-known figure you think deserves wider recognition.

5. Special days for giving back. Is there a cause you and your business support? Check up on events and special observations that help the greater community. Perhaps you support a nonprofit that has an awareness day, such as National Wear Red Day (February 5, 2016) from the American Heart Association, or even a month; June, for example, is Alzheimer’s & Brain Awareness Month. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Day is coming up in January, considered by many to be a day of service. Share links from nonprofits in your community that are doing good on those days.

When New Year’s Day is over and you’ve run out of fresh marketing ideas, take a look at your calendar. Fun, obscure, unique events and holidays are happening all year along, and you can take advantage of them for promotions and content ideas. You’ll stand out when you give your followers something entertaining, fresh, or interesting in an otherwise humdrum week.