How do you know if your business is getting the most out of its marketing efforts? If the goal is to drive traffic to your website, online videos, or blogs, then you need to know more about your visitors: where they are coming from, how long they are staying, and what content they are finding valuable. Your website is likely the first interaction potential customers will have with your business and initial impressions are important! Knowing the details of your web analytics not only provides valuable insight into visitors but also can help you streamline your site’s design and content. Web analytics will help you understand the behavior of your visitors so you can turn them into customers!


The Basic Numbers

One of the most basic numbers you will want to track is how many people are visiting your site. Simply tracking visitors, everyone that came to your site, is not as valuable as unique visitors, which shows how many new individuals got to your website. A visit rate will include both unique visitors and repeat visitors. It is also valuable to you to know which of your pages is the top landing page, meaning where a visitor ended up on your site after a search or by following a link. Usually this is going to be your homepage, but if it’s not, you will want your site to be user-friendly and easy to navigate from any page!


Digging Deeper

How long are visitors staying on your site’s pages? Session duration tells you if visitors are sticking around to learn more about your company or leaving prematurely. But a long session duration could also mean visitors are having difficulty finding the most important information on your site. If your bounce rate is high, that means visitors are only looking at a single page before exiting the site. You can use metrics on session duration and bounce rates to decide if your landing page is providing the most valuable information and to make sure navigation menus are effectively leading visitors to other pages on your site. Content analysis looks at landing pages, the top exit pages, as well as the more popular pages to show from where visitors are entering, spending the most time, and leaving the site.


The Path to Your Site

Knowing your site’s traffic sources shows you how visitors are getting to your site and what areas of your marketing strategy are working. Is your SEO perfected, resulting in traffic from search engines based on keywords? Are your pay-per-click advertising campaigns generating traffic that is meeting your ROI standards? Are influential bloggers or your social media accounts acting as referring sites by linking back to your main website? Knowing what path visitors take to reach your site is valuable when establishing marketing budgets, learning more about customer demands, and in producing content for your top landing pages.



While some analytics tools are free, a professional digital marketing team can offer detailed analysis and solutions! From streamlining your website design, to building a solid SEO strategy, to conducting market research on your industry, the Blue Tree Digital team can create an exceptional marketing plan for your business that will drive website traffic and help you turn visitors into repeat customers.