Why Does Marketing Automation Matter for Small Businesses?

Small Businesses Know the Benefits of Marketing Automation…

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Digital marketing through social media, SEO, and email can deliver more solid leads than ever, leading them right to your door. Marketing automation tools help open that door, converting those leads into customers and sales. At the same time, marketing automation helps make the daily tasks of marketing less onerous for small businesses already strapped for time.


…So What’s Standing in Their Way?

Why have many small businesses not adopted marketing automation? What are the challenges that stand in the way of marketing automation success? How can small and medium businesses overcome them?


Read our White Paper on Marketing Automation and Small Businesses for the Answer

marketing_automation_white_paper2In our white paper (Marketing Automation and Small Businesses: Why Use It and What’s Standing in the Way?we bring you survey results (from Ascend2 in partnership with SharpSpring) about how small businesses view marketing automation; we also show you the reasons small businesses don’t adopt marketing automation despite its usefulness.

If you want to learn why small businesses want to use marketing automation, why they don’t, and possible solutions, download our white paper for concrete ideas.

BlueTreeDigital loves to help small businesses and see them thrive through effective marketing. Let us show you how marketing automation challenges affect small businesses.

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